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Our Services and Prices


Under 20 lbs - $25

20 - 40 lbs - $31

40 - 50 lbs - $40

Coated - $45

Over 50 - $50

Giant - Per Quote

Special or Flea - Add $10

Deluxe Bath Add $15

Baths include shampoo, minor mat removal and ear cleaning. Deluxe Bath Add $15 to include larger mat removal, nails, potty patch and coat conditioner

Nails - $10

We are open for drop off and pick up from 9AM - Noon, Monday - Saturday.Also 4 - 6pm each day except Wednesday and Saturday.The Kennel office is closed Sundays and Holidays. Special pickup or drop off times are sometimes available for an extra $20.

Dog Boarding Rates:

Based on calendar day.


$35 per day

2 - dogs $59.50 per day

3 - dogs $89.25 per day

4 - dogs $119 per day

We offer a 10% discount on all services for First Responders, Fire and Police and Military families.

There are no additional fees for feeding your regular food or ours; we feed Pedigree.

Giving of medications, including topicals, playtime and custom designed attention are all included in our flat daily rate.. We do not allow dogs to have rawhide chews in their kennels due to the risk of choking, but they can be given during supervised play time. We require proof of up to date shots including kennel cough and for your pet to be on heatworm medication. New clients please have these papers available for us to copy for your file on your first visit.

Cats and Other Pets Rates:


$20 per day

Pot Bellied Pigs

$45 per day

Other Pets start at $15 per day

We welcome most types of pets including, but not limited to:


Guinea Pigs


Pot Bellied Pigs

Prairie Dogs & house rabbits.

We have 24 hour vet access and our kennel is owner occupied so your pets are seldom alone. Our multi room monitoring system allows us to keep check on your pets 24 hours a day.

There are no extra fees for fun and love at Eisenberg Boarding Kennel, only the best pet care at reasonable prices. Our days begin at Midnight. If your pet is here at Midnight, then that day counts. This tends so lessen the rush to meet specific checkout times.

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